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About Dr André Safvat

Dr Safvat's passion for plastic surgery commenced at a very young age. He was only fourteen when he first observed a skilled surgeon, a friend of his father, perform a remarkable operation.

This transfixing experience and the ability to make a drastic impact on people's lives and their well-being inspired Dr Safvat to set out on his path of becoming a plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon Dr SafvatPursuing his dream and lifelong passion, Dr Safvat began his medical training at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. After obtaining his medical degrees and being selected into surgical training, he embarked on a further fifteen years of rigorous general and plastic surgery training including full-time surgical research at the Royal North Shore Hospital, before being awarded his FRACS (Plastics) under the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, the only statutory recognised body for training Surgeons in Australia. Upon successful completion of his Fellowship, he undertook a further post-training Fellowship in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at St.Vincents Hospital in Sydney.

What attracted him and increasingly drew him to become a Plastic Surgeon was his high level of surgical skill, attention to detail, and the artistry that is paramount in Plastic Surgery. It is the combination of refined technical expertise with the aesthetic flair of repairing and, at times, enhancing form and shape to transform people's lives and self-esteem that captured him over.

Coming from a highly academic family has contributed to Dr Safvat's pursuit and interest in research and academia resulting in numerous scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals which have won International Awards. He remains dedicated to scientific research and teaching through his conjoint academic appointment at the University of New South Wales and his appointment at the Western Sydney Health Area.

Dr Safvat is recognised and respected amongst patients and peers for his high moral values and integrity. His perfectionist approach in surgery combined with his genuine caring nature makes him a devoted professional plastic surgeon whose aim is to provide impeccable care and the optimal result for his patients. Dr Safvat stays abreast with the latest advances and surgical techniques in the field of Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery through frequently attending domestic and international workshops, courses, and conferences. He is involved with regular presentations at national and international meetings and conferences.

Outside medicine Dr Safvat is an accomplished musician, enjoys traveling, skiing, swimming and philosophy.

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