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Neck Lift, is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure aimed at rejuvenating or improving the cosmetic appearance of the neck. It is often done in combination with a Facelift but depending on the needs and wishes of the patients can be done as a standalone procedure.

As we all age there are some changes associated with aging to our neck. These include the loss of supporting structures of the neck resulting in sagging of the neck skin, increase fatty accumulation in the neck and banding of muscles of the neck. Different people are affected differently, and there are many other factors that also affect these changes including smoking, weight changes, genetics and excess sun exposure.

NeckThese age-related changes in the neck can affect the appearance of one’s face to such an extent that how young someone feels within themselves would be disproportionately reflected on how they look, on the outside.

In addition some young individuals genetically may have excess fat or loose muscles in their neck that are not in harmony to the rest of their face, and may benefit from neck enhancement surgery.  In both groups these changes cause loss of definition between the jaw line and the neck, and not only is unsightly in the neck but also may contributes to the formation of jowls.

Dr Safvat’s philosophy is to restore a natural, youthful and aesthetic contour to the neck yet avoid the excessively tight skin look of some, with the tell-tale “operated on” appearance. 


Neck Lift is performed under General Anaesthetic in fully accredited hospitals. Dr Safvat only works with highly trained anaesthetists accredited with the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists. The operation time varies depending on the number of procedures needed to rejuvenate the neck from 1-3 hours. It would be longer if it is done in conjunction with a Facelift.

The choice of the incision technique generally depends on what is needed to enhance the neck. If excess fat in the neck is the only problem then maybe liposuction alone is all that is required. If there are also bands of muscle which cause unsightly tenting of the neck skin then tightening of these bands (of muscle) called platysmoplasty is needed. If there is a problem with saggy neck skin then a formal neck lift has to be done. Often a combination of all the above is the best option for the patient. But all incisions made by Dr Safvat are inconspicuous and are placed either just behind the ear or under the chin.

The most appropriate procedure or combination of procedures to best suit the patient's needs and desires will be individually determined by Dr Safvat after careful examination and assessment, and discussed in details beforehand.


The operation is usually done as a day-only but some patients are required to stay in hospital over nights depending on the number of procedures performed. Patients need to take about 1-2 weeks off work to rest and recover at home. There will be swelling and bruising to various degrees for 7-14 days for which patients need to wear a compression garment. Sleeping with your head elevated and cold packs also help to minimise bruising and swelling. Walking is actively encouraged but physical exertion is needs to be avoided for 3 weeks. Prior to the procedure, Dr Safvat will give you instructions to follow in order to enhance your recovery.

It usually takes few months before the final result of the operation is visible.


Neck Lift is a cosmetic procedure and as such it is not covered by Medicare or Health Funds. Dr Safvat and his team will discuss all the costs associated with Face Lift at the initial visit.


Any surgical procedure can be associated with some general complications such as risks associated with general anaesthetics, collection of blood (heamatoma) or other fluids (seroma), and mild to severe infection. 

Having your procedure done in an accredited hospital minimises risks. Dr Safvat prescribes antibiotics upon discharge to minimise infection risk. A surgical garment is worn up to a month to minimise swelling and bruising.

Dr Safvat will go through the specific risks associated with neck surgery with his patients, at their initial consultation.

What you need to do before the operation

Smoking has been shown to cause more complications after any surgery. Patients will need to stop smoking at least 3 weeks before their surgery and continue to do so to at least one week post surgery.

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