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Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Breasts define a sense of femininity and sexual identity for women. There is a large individual variation in breast shape and size. Also changes occur with aging, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight fluctuation that result in the loss of the supportive ligament of the breasts impacting their appearance.

Breast Surgery is a commonly performed procedure by Plastic Surgeons to enhance and restore the shape, size and position of breasts to a more youthful, rejuvenated look. 

Cosmetic Breast Surgery Dr Safvat has a special interest and expertise in Breast surgery. From complex Breast Reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer, to Breast Reduction surgery to relieve neck and back pain, removal of the hardness around an old breast implant (capsulectomy), or Cosmetic Procedures such as Breast lift or Breast Augmentation he can assist you in achieving your desired result.

Dr Safvat will discuss every case individually and tailor a treatment plan that suits your goals and body shape. His philosophy is to create symmetrical breasts that look natural and proportional to the rest of the body.

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