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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is performed to increase the size of the breast, improve their shape or correct asymmetry or other congenital abnormalities.

Some women loose volume in their breast after pregnancy and breastfeeding and wish to regain a more youthful breast appearance. The breast augmentation surgery procedure can help women to correct this. It is a popular procedure that can also enhance sense of femininity in some women.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Technique

Breast AugmentationDuring the breast augmentation surgery, an incision is placed under the breast (Infra-mammary fold) which is Dr Safvat’s preferred incision site as it is the safest yet less conspicuous option; This is because the implant can be positioned most accurately into its pocket with this method also any form of breast implant (round-shaped or tear-drop) can be used. It will generally leave an unnoticeable scar, hidden in the breast fold.

There are many decisions to make when considering breast implants for breast augmentation, including the implant type and size, the pocket where it is put and the incision placement.

There are two broad categories of implant pocket. Implants are placed either under the pectoralis /chest wall muscle (sub-pectoral) or over (sub-glandular) the pectoralis. A combination of both, can also be used which is referred to as the dual-plane technique.

With Breast Augmentation Surgery the breast implants are either tear drop (anatomical) or round shaped. The implant type and pocket position depends partly on your build, the volume and position of your breasts and the thickness of your skin. These will be discussed thoroughly with you in the decision making process and the best option is reached together.

I use newer 5th generation textured breast implants from well-established and reputable companies. I believe there is no room for compromise here as patient safety and quality is paramount.

The breast augmentation surgery procedure is done under a general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital. It usually takes about 1-2 hours, and the patient is usually not required to stay in hospital overnight.

Recovery after Breast Augmentation Surgery 

Upon discharge the breast augmentation surgery patient is required to wear a medical garment (bras) for six weeks and need to have about 1 week off work to rest at home. Walking is actively encouraged postoperatively but avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for 3-4 weeks.

Initially after the breast augmentation surgery, the breasts will be swollen and slightly bruised. This will settle over the next few weeks and Dr Safvat will guide you through the scar management after your operation. In general it will take few weeks before the breasts settle into their final shape.


Breast augmentation is considered a cosmetic procedure and it is not covered by Medicare or your health Fund. Dr Safvat and his team will provide you with written quote during your consultation.

Complications with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Any surgical procedure can be associated with some general complications. These include collection of blood (heamatoma) or other fluids (seroma), mild to severe infection, risks associated with general anaesthetics.

All implants (breast implants, artificial joints, pacemakers etc.) are foreign material and more likely to get infected. You will be discharged on antibiotics to prevent this. In the unlikely event of a serious infection affecting the implant itself, it will have to be removed and replaced once the infection settles. The incidence of serious infection is 2-4%. The cost for these may be covered by Medicare and your health Fund.

Around all breast implants a fibrous capsules (scar tissue) is formed to keep it in place and protected. For reasons that are not totally understood, this capsule can sometimes become thicker and contract. In its severe form can cause discomfort or even distorts the breast. In these circumstances the capsule need to be removed and the implant replaced. These cost are also covered by Medicare and private Health insurance.

Dr Safvat only uses newer 5th generation implants, which their risk of capsular contractions are significantly reduced.

Most women do not have symmetrical breast even before breast augmentation surgery. If the asymmetry is significant, this can be improved by Dr Safvat with different size breast implants but it is not usually possible to make them totally symmetrical.

What you need to do before your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Smoking and being overweight have been shown to cause more complications after surgery. I will insist that you stop smoking 3 weeks before your surgery and lose weight as much as able to before your surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is one the most common procedures done in cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately because of the high demands, there are a lot of doctors who are not properly trained as plastic surgeons who perform this procedure. You should make sure that your surgeon is a properly trained Plastic Surgeon and has the ability to look after you in the rare event that a complication arises. I will continue to see you on a yearly basis.

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