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Body contouring is a Cosmetic Plastic surgery procedure that aims to reshape and enhance various aspects of the body to a more healthy and aestheticaly pleasing appearance. This can be removal of pockets of fat deposit, excess skin and loose tissue from one part of the body, or it can be augmenting deficiencies in other parts of the body.

The goal is to enhance the overall body contour, improve the individual’s physique and proportions which can also help in restoring self-esteem.

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Removal of excess fat can also help improve one’s general health. People often seek body contouring following pregnancy, with ageing or after major weight change to get rid of loose sagging skin, stretch marks or excess fat that is not responding to diet and exercise.

Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Safvat has expertise in Body Contouring Procedures and through latest techniques will tailor a treatment plan that will help you restore you pre-pregnancy body or achieve a better Body shape.

The procedures offered by Dr Safvat include Liposuction, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), Arm Lift (Brachioplasty) , Thigh & Buttock lift and Labiaplasty.

Body contouring is not a substitute for weight loss. Through a healthy diet and regular exercise patients should attain their goal weight, then body contouring can help with the loose skin or stubborn fat pockets.

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